Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones
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“I held his face in my hands and kissed his forehead. As my eyes started to swell with tears, I realized what had happened. My father, the king was dead.”

…When an ancient prophecy threatens the customs of her land, Asha’s gender places her survival in danger and, as a result, is sent away from her father’s palace. The death of her father, their king, left her country and people heartbroken and in despair. Her return home to bury him quickly begins to shift the course of traditions.

This highly inspiring and daring narrative captures the resiliency of women and their ability to rise above the loud noise of stereotyping, pain and betrayal. It exposes the consistent identity crisis that confronts both black men and women due to differences in ethical background and the varying contexts of geographical livelihood.

Author Nana Aba wrote with exceptional articulation and clarity in this novel, uncovering fascinating details about issues surrounding race and sex, culture and customs, leadership, politics, and much more.

The intriguing details shared in this book will leave you breathless.

Stolen Heritage is guaranteed to fascinate both men and women and people of all culture. An important book for all ages!


Genre Teen & Young Adult

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