THE Adventures of Mat Rufs: Mexican ‘Jewel’
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Amazon Best Seller and #1 New Release, The Adventures of Mat Rufs is an action-suspense-romance series that ‘hit the ground running’. “It is like a modern-day Indiana Jones,” commented one of the Amazon readers. “Anyone who reads James Patterson, Lee Child, or Ken Follet will love the adventures of Mat Rufs,” said another. The literary reviews are as encouraging as the consumer feedback. The Adventures of Mat Rufs won the Fiction Book of the Year award as well as 5-star reviews from Literary Titan,, and the LoveReading (the UK’s leading book recommendation website).

The novel is a fun suspenseful story – “exciting, intriguing, and scary with well-rounded, believable characters” (LoveReading) — that will entertain and delight. Liachenko has been praised for her “excellent writing throughout” that “will keep the reader intrigued.” This adventure narrative has a charming fairy-tale feel to it, especially in the sections that are set in stunning but dangerous caverns. The characters are immaculately articulated, the personalities are complex, and the tension is built up just right. Apart from the story itself, the book is packed with information about history, attitudes, relations, travel, and many aspects that are typically learned through non-fiction books. So, it is essentially a two-for-one – you won’t notice you are learning because you are so entertained.

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Genre Teen & Young Adult

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