The Baker’s Husband
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Everyone says move on, he’s gone. But Chloe Livingston just can’t accept maybe for an answer. Her idyllic lie as a wife and baker at Camden Bake Shop crumbed when her husband, Jake, vanished one snowy night two years ago. Presumed dead, the investigation grew cold leaving her with more questions than answers and a hole in her heart that begs to be closed by knowing just what happened to her husband that fateful night. But life goes on. Two years later, Mitchell Terrison walked into her life. The handsome new detective for Knox County sparks new investigation into Jake’s disappearance. But that’s not the only spark he ignites. New found friendship leads to feelings of guilt as Chloe reminds herself that, no matter what they say, she knows in her heart that he’s alive. And she can’t allow new love to fin her until she gets closure. But that’s easier said than done.


Genre Romance/Erotica