The Bug Out Chronicles – Exodus and Exiles
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After the Black War and ensuing chaos, John Thompson leads his California family to a safe haven in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and instructs his son’s and daughter’s families, in the east, to escape to the Appalachians. The Protectorate have laid siege to all large U.S. cities, leaving inhabitants to die of starvation and disease. Few, if any escape. Through John’s instructions, the families prepare for long-term exile during the Tribulation. It is their faith that led them to this preparation and prophesies that triggered their exodus.

Exiled in the mountains, both groups encounter hardships, fears, and dangers as they struggle for basic life necessities of water, food and shelter. Relationships are tested and prophesies witnessed are recalled. All are thankful for God’s abundant blessings and protection, yet a concern for the welfare of those three thousand miles away is unsettling. The realization that they may never be reunited make them question their decisions.

Survival depends on their ability to cope with nature, adjust to their new environment and defend against predators, both animal and human. Personal loss takes a toll on family members and emotions run high. Tragedy strikes as marauders discover the families’ sanctuaries, leaving survivors with sorrow, guilt, anger, and remorse.


Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy

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