The Catch Behind The Universal Love That That Binds Us & What We Are
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If we take two rounds along the surface of the Mobius strip we get 360 degrees shift in our position & reach our original state. The path can be divided in four phases of 90 degrees each.

If we see the cycle of transformation of energy in stars, it depends upon gravity & the opposite force responsible for expansion.

In a solar system, we can divide the elliptical path of a planet in 360 degrees. The path is a result of two opposite forces, gravity by the star & the speed of revolution of planet.

The two forces are never in balance but keep dominating each other. In the universe, energy expanded after the Big Bang, and then it transformed into gas clouds, suns & black holes after which the cycle repeats.

In our life as well every activity has four phases. We become ignorant, show anger, fall in depression & regain our normal state. Small activities go on inside the bigger cycle. We take birth, grow as a child, reach adulthood, mid age, old age & then we die.

Energy follows a cycle but we need to grow progressively & it depends upon our consciousness.


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