The Chasm of Conspiracy
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It had been fifty years since the assassination of president Kennedy when a secret journal was made available to this author indicating there might possibly be answers to what really happened that tragic day in November 1963.

The journal’s notes revealed that the president had secretly recruited a group of young men to help him keep an eye on certain activities in the intelligence community, most notably the CIA. When the president’s death created more questions than answers, the group of men stayed together to find out who really killed the president and why.

I was asked to write the book and began combining the journal’s information with my own description of the characters, places, and relationships. Though I’m sure most publishers would classify this book as fiction, I think of it as being analogous to a reporter’s anonymous sources. This is the story about various individuals who, for one reason or another, came together for only one reason: To kill the president of the United States. Some of the names were changed for obvious reasons, and I am the first to urge the reader to to make up their own mind as to whether it happened this way or not.


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