The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Book
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    A celebration of and behind-the-scenes look at Jerry Seinfeld’s
    groundbreaking streaming series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.In his
    streaming show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld has
    engaged with some of the funniest people in history in classic cars, coffee
    shops, and diners. He has reminisced with Larry David; bantered with
    legends Steve Martin, Tina Fey, and Eddie Murphy; reunited with the cast of
    Seinfeld; and even paid a visit to President Barack Obama in the Oval
    Office. These and dozens of other guests talked about the intricacies of
    stand-up, the evolution of their careers and personal lives, and whatever
    else popped into their brilliant minds. Seinfeld’s carefully crafted
    episodes have reimagined the talk show format, each one a unique,
    hilarious, and yet intimate conversation—a rare opportunity for viewers to
    witness their favorite performers unscripted and unvarnished. But in
    producing eighty-four episodes over eleven seasons, he has also created
    arguably the most important historical archive about the art of comedy ever
    amassed, with episodes featuring Garry Shandling, Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles,
    Carl Reiner, and Norm McDonald already serving as permanent shrines for
    legendary comedians. Timed to the 10th anniversary of the show’s debut and
    with an introduction from Jerry Seinfeld, this book isn’t just a record of
    the show but instead an inventive tribute full of behind-the-scenes photos
    and anecdotes. The book dives into the inspiration and creation of
    segments, the most unforgettable lines from guests, an index of the cars,
    and some of the most memorable moments from crew members. Originally
    conceived as an “anti-talk show,” Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee earned
    multiple Emmy nominations and helped lead the streaming revolution. Perfect
    for gift giving season, The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Book is a
    beautifully designed book with iconic, never-before-seen production photos
    which will appeal to comedy lovers, car aficionados, coffee connoisseurs,
    and Jerry Seinfeld fans. Read more

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