The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell, 1)
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Thrillers & Suspense
An Amazon Charts bestseller.In a small town full of secrets, everyone’s a
suspect.When a body is discovered, bled dry on a beach, the sleepy seaside
town of Weston-super-Mare wakes up to a nightmare. For Detective Inspector
Louise Blackwell, recently transferred to the town she last saw as a child,
it’s her first case on the job.The victim―Veronica Lloyd, an elderly
volunteer at a local church―has puncture wounds to her hands. When a priest
is found killed in a nearby church in a similarly grisly condition, it
becomes clear that Blackwell is dealing with a righteous and bloody
murderer. But the victims aren’t random. The killer has a vendetta and is
hell-bent on exacting twisted revenge for a dark secret dating back
years―and there are more murders planned.As the body count rises, Blackwell
faces a race against time to solve the mystery of the murderer’s identity
and put an end to the carnage. She thought she knew Weston, but the town
holds more secrets than she’d ever have imagined. Who can she trust and who
knows more than they are letting on?She must discover the crimes that unite
the victims―before it’s too late. Read more


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