The Do-Over (The Miles High Club)
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Genre Fiction
In this sexy installment of the Miles High Club series from bestselling
author T L Swan, a billionaire playboy goes incognito on a backpacking trip
in Europe. But how long can he hide from love?I’m wealthy, powerful, and
able to get any woman I want.So why do I feel so empty inside?In search of
a deeper me, I take a sabbatical from my privileged life. One year of
backpacking around Europe: a new identity, no contacts, and no money. Not a
bad plan, I think.Until I get there.A crowded hostel room, body odor, and
beer bongs―there are no words for the fresh hell I’ve landed in.But amid
the chaos, I meet my new roommate, Hayden Whitmore. She sleeps in the bed
opposite me, and I openly admit to staring at her more than I sleep.
Beautiful, innocent, and smart. Not my usual type but perhaps the perfect
woman.There’s just one small problem with the divine Miss Hayden. She’s
totally unaffected by my charm. Nothing is working, and now, I’ve been
friend zoned.What?But the good thing about me is that I’m an incredible
problem solver, and I’ve come up with a diabolical plan. I’m going to slide
right in under her friend zone. Be the best damn friend she ever had, hold
her hand, make her laugh, and spoon with her in bed.But now there’s another
problem.Hayden is the one who is sliding under my skin, and maybe
friendship isn’t enough. Read more


Genre Romance/Erotica

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