The Maieutologue
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God is a concept that cannot be proven because it is beyond the grasp of human reason. Any theory that uses God as instrument of government is unacceptable because it is impossible to rationally explain such theory.

The concept of God cannot be proven; therefore, it should not be used to impact the fate of a world that entirely depends on the reliability of human reason.
Theocentric aspirations remain forever in the realm of spiritual fantasy. Faith is incompatible with the volition of human reason and can only impede the drive of individual ingenuity. Supernatural divinations have no bearings on our lives other than confining our spiritual consciousness to the void of fear.

Parochial indoctrination holds people in the bind of religious fanaticism, which restricts their spiritual awareness within the confines of intellective nonexistence. It inhibits humans’ natural inclination to be self-reliant and nullifies the moral influence of human reason, which is the sole guarantee of peace on earth.

The revelation of hell is a theological scheme that weakens the heart of humanity. It induces people to surrender any residue of mental ingenuity to exploiters of God whose bigoted parochial aspirations are impossible to objectively defend.

Human beings can maintain peace on earth through universal solidarity; not through faith, prayer, or religious intolerance.


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