The Planet Mirth Adventures one
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Five magical stories (for 5 to 8 year olds) that will spark your child’s imagination.
Mia travels to the planet Mirth in her dreams and encounters the gnomes that live there and an array of strange looking creatures.
In the first story she goes on safari riding a rhinhorseros which is half horse and half rhino. She discovers the magical forest where toys grow on trees.
In the second story, it’s Jerome the gnome’s burpday party which is celebrated on the anniversary of his first burp.
The third story is the Mirth games when she runs in the backwards race and wins a gold medal.
In the fourth story, Halloween, she rides a broomstick to the witch tree forest, where sweets grow on trees.
The last story is the Mirthmas dinner where she has a magic dish. Whatever food she wishes for just appears in the dish. The gnomes have a sprout eating competition with a comical finally.
The stories allow your child’s imagination to run wild and yours too.


Genre Children

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