The Queen: Aretha Franklin
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You know her voice. Now hear her story.

Audible has teamed up with Rolling Stone to produce an uncompromisingly honest Audible Original that honors the life and legacy of the incomparable Aretha Franklin. Aretha’s universal appeal was evident from the release of her first album at age 14 through her nearly 50 Top 40 hits. Yet this intimate biography reminds us that Aretha knew pain as much as she knew glory. It was the blues, residing deep within her soul, that gave way to a voice able to lift millions with a profound sense of freedom, self-worth, and undeniable talent to rise above sorrow.

Aretha’s unshakeable foundation of faith – fueled by a childhood spent singing in church alongside her famous father, minister C.L. Franklin – allowed her to blend heartbreak with spirituality in soul-stirring song. By diving into the true story of Aretha – from the years following her mother’s passing to the moment she decided to become a singer – the listener can’t help but glimpse the roots of the sorrow behind her famous eyes.


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