The Second Coming of Angela
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Thomas was sound asleep at 3 am when the phone began to ring incessantly. As he grabbed the phone and mumbled a hello, the voice on the other end caused him to bolt upright. It was Angela’s voice, the wife from whom he had been separated before her supposed death five years earlier. Her plea was urgent. She was in grave danger and needed his help, which would require his traveling to Brazil. Ultimately, he reluctantly agreed, if only for the sake of his daughters. The journey to rescue her would take him to Sao Paulo, Rio, Brasilia, and Manaus, 1,000 miles up the Amazon River. He would encounter a Brazilian love interest who becomes an integral part of his ultimate rescue plan. The mission would end up putting him in the crosshairs of dangerous criminals from both Brazil and New York, all of whom would ultimately seek to eliminate him. Is survival possible?


Genre Crime/Mystery Books

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