The Sheikh’s Accidental Wife 2
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It’s not my fault I’m a whore. I do what I need to do for my survival. I have spread legs for many men but none has ever touched my heart. Sheikh Riyaaz of Sabra, the kingdom’s future monarch has given me a tempting proposal. He wants me to give company to his young brother Sheikh Shakib. I might have to sleep with him too. That’s ok. The innocent sheikh is for sure a genuine guy. But the problem is, it is his elder brother who I’m getting really wet for these days…


I don’t have time for love. My duty is the only ambition in my life, which tells me that I need to give my dying brother a friend for his limited days of living. The sassy and curvy whore is just another item on my list that I need to get and done with. She is perfect in all the right ways. So what if I hired her for my brother? I can taste her too. After all, that’s what I think I am doing. Just going with the flow! I am scared though. I hope, my heart remains intact when she leaves after three months.


Genre Romance/Erotica

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