The Sheikh’s Accidental Wife
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Sequel to The Sheikh’s Secret Princess and The Sheikh’s Hired Love…

Four lives hang in a dilemma as something dark from the past comes knocking on their doors.

The wolf clan of Amuntara has a new member. A she-wolf! Previously a human, but converted by the chief of the tribe himself, Shabnam doesn’t recall the accident that happened with her. She’s muddled and confused by her situation, not to forget the attraction she shares with the chief of the tribe. Sheeba, her wolf is more like her councillor then her friend. Her memories of her past life are not sharp enough.

Sheikh Imran of Amuntara has just lost his mate and his unborn. The destiny is drilling him all the way as he transplants the heart of his dead mate inside the human and changes her to a she-wolf. Imran knows who she is and still hides it from her. So, it’s a shock to him when Shabnam decides to run away from the tribe after coming to know about it through her wolf.

A pregnant she-wolf, a sheikh who doesn’t want to give love another chance and a Dom-Sub couple who are going through their own ups and downs…

Will there be a happy ever after or things will be complicated further?


Genre Romance/Erotica

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