The Sheikh’s Secret Baby 2
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Princess Huma is pregnant by a stranger!

When she called the local consort agency for supplying a boy for her service she just wanted to lose her innocence. She didn’t want to look like a fool before her future husband! After some months, she found herself pregnant. Now, she has just come to know that the father of the child has got married to someone else!

He will take the child and the mother in every possible way!

Sheikh Danish of Mohsin has come to know of Huma and her womb’s secret. He will lure her in his life back. So what if she mistakes his brother as the father. He can act kindly and can make her succumb to his desire…

But what if the babies take offence and decide to treat their parents in a different way? Will the tenacious couple find a way out of their misery?


Genre Romance/Erotica

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