The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life
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Psychology & Counseling
Now in paperback, this breakthrough book on the new psychological science
of time by one of the most influential living psychologists—the New York
Times bestselling author of The Lucifer Effect—and his research partner
launched on the front page of USA TODAY “Lifestyle” with a Time Survey and
on CBS Morning Show. This is the first paradox of time: Your attitudes
toward time have a profound impact on your life and world, yet you seldom
recognize it. Our goal is to help you reclaim yesterday, enjoy today, and
master tomorrow with new ways of seeing and working with your past,
present, and future. Just as Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
permanently altered our understanding of intelligence and Malcolm
Gladwell’s Blink gave us an appreciation for the adaptive unconscious,
Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd’s new book changes the way we think about and
experience time. It will give you new insights into how family conflicts
can be resolved by ways to enhance your sexuality and sensuality, and
mindsets for becoming more successful in business and happier in your life.
Based on the latest psychological research, The Time Paradox is both a “big
think” guide for living in the twenty-first century and one of those rare
self-help books that really does have the power to improve lives. Read more


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