UNINVITED BY Marjorie Bosworth
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This happened to us
My name is Marjorie Bosworth I live in Derbyshire in the UK. In July this year I wrote a book it’s a true love story that turns into horror it all happened here in Derbyshire .The book – Uninvited is a true story. A harrowing, frank and first-hand account of the night Ted and I were attacked in our own home by a 6ft 4ins naked manic high on drugs. Who smashed his way into our home. Starts as a love story and ends in horror . . We are living in a secluded country home that everybody dreams about when you retire now we feel so vulnerable . Binoculars at the ready to see who is approaching our property. We are both in our seventy’s


Genre Non-Fiction

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  • GREAT NEWS MY BOOK UNINVITED is to be featured in That’s Life Crime-scene Magazine which is on sale 8th December 🙂