Unsheltered Love: Homelessness, Hunger and Hope in a City under Siege
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A story about hope and how every one of us can make a
difference.Unsheltered Love is a first-hand reported account of how the
pandemic greatly exacerbated an already dire homelessness situation in New
York City. In March 2020, the usually crowded streets of Midtown Manhattan
were empty, stores were closing, people were afraid to go out. But homeless
people were still on the streets, cold and very hungry, and much less able
to panhandle in the deserted city. Unable to ignore their suffering, the
author and her husband started walking the empty streets in their
neighborhood, handing out food to the men and women they met. As they
showed up, trust replaced the fear and suspicion that had existed within
them, as well as within the homeless people they befriended. They listened
as the homeless revealed their daily struggles living on the streets, as
well as the details that had led to their homelessness. Unsheltered Love
also provides an in depth look at one of the ten characters in the story—a
homeless woman named Maggie Wright who adds her perspective to the
narrative. Following each chapter is a journal entry written by Maggie—her
viewpoint of the same events in the story, as well as an inside look at her
personal journey into homelessness and her rise out of it. Her entries
provide a look into the psychology of homelessness, what can lead a person
to this fate, and more importantly, bind them to it. Read more


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