What a 25-year-old wants!
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Today, in the constantly evolving world, opinions have become noise, propaganda is at its peak, expectations are soaring through rooftops and time, as usual, is a constraint. To know what u really want has become the most difficult question and keeping up to speed with the life around u has become exhausting. We all have learnt to build a public image for ourselves and our opinions are based on social media timelines. Nothing seems right and nothing makes sense!
Look I know it’s a questioning phase of ur life at this point in time. M not being a hypocrite here and I’m a 25-year-old too. So let me take u on a journey and let’s discover what a 25-year-old really wants! We will look into the life journey of imminent personalities and see what they were doing when they were 25. I will walk u through the 9 gems that I have discovered in my life while navigating my 25th year on a sea of chaos, uncertainty and confusion. So bear with me and talk to me about What A 25-year-old Wants!


Genre Non-Fiction

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  • An all mood pick-up…Read a page at a time, anytime through your day…
    This is one book for a debate with personal thoughts…
    When you disagree with the author I bet you to read those pages another day and still not be more pragmatic…

    An evergreen novelty according to me?, Find a copy and know what you’d think!

    TLDR: 10/10 Would recommend.