What You Feel is What You Get
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Throughout my life, I have always felt that there is something larger and better than who we are. Based on this premise and having lived through Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, and Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017; I needed to complete my lifelong assessment of who we really are as humans on this planet. I could not fathom as to why humans have to endure such disasters; whether they were natural or man-made.The burning desire to learn why history has treated humans with such disregard; made me look for my second Golden-Egg of life. My first Golden-Egg was six months after my mother’s passing. As agreed, before her death; she came to me in a voice recording on Mother’s Day in 2016. Up until recently; I did not have a name for this event; but she recently coined it, my Golden-Egg.I present you information from the science aspects of energy in our universe; to actual intuitive life results. Results accomplished by learning how to acquire whatever I wanted with the use of meditation and my mind. While maintaining a high vibrational level and living a positive life, I was able to secure funds for the reconstruction of my home.There is no woo-woo here; just beautiful Love from Source. By knowing that Source allows you to live a life of knowledge here on earth; she provides you with everything you need to fulfill a beautiful and joyful life.


Genre Religious/Inspirational

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  • Good morning, Alex, excuse me for not giving you my feedback on your book. I read it calmly and I have to tell you that you got an “A” plus, the book is excellent. You knew how to capture what happened to your beloved mother in a very clear way; that touches anyone. Your story is one that keeps the reader excited to continue reading the book, like when you take or eat something that you cannot stop. The different reviews of experts in the subjects were very clear and well chosen by you to complement your point. Also, your opinion or what you established in the church; you hit the nail on the head. In short, excellent book and there is no reason for it not to be a success. I go further, uncle Edgar, daddy’s brother who has a doctorate in language from Sorbonne, is here on vacation he saw me reading your book and asked me to read, and read a paragraph aloud; he liked it so much that I had to read almost more than half of your book out loud, and he was fascinated. And you know he’s a good jerk and he gave you A plus too.
    Julio Sosa – agaja51@gmail.com